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Welcome to the Nokesville Horse Society.
The Nokesville Horse Society is a service organization committed to
the education and promotion of equestrian activities for the
enjoyment and recreation of all residents of Northern Virginia.
Crystal Crown
Trail Rides
Trail Rides
NHS would like to thank the following persons who have contributed/helped NHS: Luck Stone-Bull Run Plant / John Doster, Mowing of Sky Meadows for Crystal Crown Judged Pleasure Ride / Dean Ely, New Virginia Tractor of Manassas (donation of Gators for Manassas and Nokesville parades) / Joe London Training LLC (In partnership with NHS), Host Quadrille/Drill Team Clinics and Gaited Show / Sue Fanelli and Karen Halsall, Show Managers for  Gaited Show, English Show Series,  &  Western Show Series / Katrina Bills, Instructor for Beginner Jumping Clinics  / Erika Andrews, Instructor for Obstacle Clinics / Philip Layton and Bull Run Premier Events - donation of tables and chairs for Tack Swap / David Herbert, NHS Webmaster .... Contact NHS to find out how you can help too.
For additional information regarding the Nokesville Horse Society,
please contact: Patty Lugiano at 703-623-7491
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Click here to see the 2015 overall English (Hunter) points!

To Qualify for Western Year End Awards - attend 4 shows
To Qualify for English Year End Awards - attend 3 shows
For both you must volunteer 8 hours - see your show manager for more information.
Click here to see the 2014 overall Western and English points!
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An IMPORTANT message for NHS Members and Friends:
Does NHS have a future?  How might that affect the hugely popular and successful Crystal Crown
Series and other events that draw a large crowd?  Has the steady decline of membership and
volunteerism finally caught up with NHS?  Despite not so apparent to NHS rank and file, in as much
as current and past Boards have “covered/plugged the holes/filled-in for lack of volunteers, etc.” so
that all appeared to be OK…is isn’t!Every other area club Board is feeling the same pressures and in
some cases, barely hanging on due mostly because of their pure and unselfish love for what we do
with our horses.  But, that only lasts so long!  Regarding NHS, no single past Board is responsible
for where we find ourselves….its insidiously cumulative.  For whatever reasons, the days of the 50-
80+ member attendance at NHS membership meetings with lively friendship, food and high
expectations is long gone.  The Jeff and Marlys Shoup era which saw NHS as what many considered
to be the best Club in Northern Virginia is gone.  Family and societal pressures
increasing…economic issues surface…and more.  The days of the “free lunch” for those equestrians
who choose never to give back to their area Clubs is perhaps near and end.
You might not know that when the past NHS Board completed their tenure of service and requests
for replacements went out, NO ONE answered the call.  For a while, it looked like NHS was finished. 
Some of us would not allow that and so here we are, seeking to hold together a less than optimum
volunteer base with the same hardcore supporters that have ALWAYS stepped up…some for 10-15
years.  As an aside, we are steadily rebuilding the membership?  Perhaps it is simple logic…if not
enough equestrians care perhaps there is no need or interest in having NHS.  Seems pretty simple
to me!  And so, recognizing the issues, we have looked for and found some ways to perhaps save
NHS…but still, not without a more supportive member volunteer effort.  Here is what I am
proposing to the NHS Board:
· Regarding the English and Western Schooling Shows…have only 2 shows each, one in the
Spring and one in the Fall.  These will be one-day shows only.  No series, no year-end high
points and no end of year awards.  The English shows are immensely popular and
successful…the Western shows are not but if demand and volunteerism is there, we will
continue.  If not, they will be cancelled
· No volunteers for any scheduled activity will result in that event being cancelled
· Concentration on 1-day FUN events such as various Clinics, i.e. obstacle, horse soccer,
jumping, gymkhana, Crystal Crown and other similar events desired and supported by the
I am soliciting any and all comments and/or recommendations…please do not be bashful.  The
bottom line is rather straight forward:  No volunteers will result in no NHS.
Lastly but important, our Board Vice President position is becoming vacant…we need a volunteer to
step forward.  Please contact our Secretary, Kari Boberek at 571-220-9234 or via email or text if
you are interested.

Best Regards,
Frank Boberek, President NHS

Results for the 2015 English and Western Shows have been posted.

Click Here for 2015 English Results

Click Here for 2015 Western Results

Click here for the Registration Form for the Gymkhana Benefit Show
Upcoming Events
1.  Obstacle Clinic, hosted by Kari Boberek and Erika Andrew (4/16)
     Cost is $60 for NHS members and $65 for non-NHS members

2.  Gymkhana to benefit Children’s Cancer Research Fund in Memory of Sydney Davies (4/17)  
     Cost is $7 per class for NHS members and $10 per class for non- NHS members

3.  Gaited Schooling Show on 5/7
     Volunteer needed to run laptop late morning and afternoon; please contact Sue

4.  Beginning Jumping Clinic on 5/15 (Rain Date due to expected inclement weather on 4/9)

Please take a moment to click here and complete the survey.  We are always looking for ways to improve our organization and your input will be greatly beneficial.  Many thanks!
Click on the above image for the Class List and Ground Rules.