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Welcome to the Nokesville Horse Society.
The Nokesville Horse Society is a service organization committed to
the education and promotion of equestrian activities for the
enjoyment and recreation of all residents of Northern Virginia.
Crystal Crown
Trail Rides
Trail Rides
NHS would like to thank the following persons who have contributed/helped NHS: Luck Stone-Bull Run Plant / John Doster, Mowing of Sky Meadows for Crystal Crown Judged Pleasure Ride / Dean Ely, New Virginia Tractor of Manassas (donation of Gators for Manassas and Nokesville parades) / Joe London Training LLC (In partnership with NHS), Host Quadrille/Drill Team Clinics and Gaited Show / Sue Fanelli and Karen Halsall, Show Managers for  Gaited Show, English Show Series,  &  Western Show Series / Katrina Bills, Instructor for Beginner Jumping Clinics  / Erika Andrews, Instructor for Obstacle Clinics / Philip Layton and Bull Run Premier Events - donation of tables and chairs for Tack Swap / David Herbert, NHS Webmaster .... Contact NHS to find out how you can help too.
For additional information regarding the Nokesville Horse Society,
please contact: Patty Lugiano at 703-623-7491
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Upcoming Events

None at this time, please check back later.

The Board discussed the options put forth for the future of NHS.  It was
agreed and unanimously voted upon that NHS will serve as follows in 2017:

a.   Per Article V, Section 2 of the Bylaws, a minimum of three (3) Board of   Directors
members can sustain the organization with the intent to use the monies in the NHS
account for worthwhile equestrian support projects and/or organizations.  There will
not be a schedule of events for 2017 but instead will be reviewed by the Board on a
case by case basis.  If a Member wishes to host an event, it will be put before the
Board and voted upon (see item j below for more details).
b.  The monies in the account will be used for the purpose of maintaining the
Nokesville Ring and its trails.  If we host an event, then monies will be used
accordingly.  Rose Murphy will contact PW County to provide overview of continuing
partnership and way forward

c. Your proposed Board of Directors will consist of the following:
i. Frank Boberek, President
ii. Patty Lugiano, Vice President
iii. Rose Murphy, Treasurer
iv. Kari Boberek, Secretary
v. Sue Fanelli, Events Coordinator
vi. Keith Evans, Quartermaster

d. On the first Wednesday at 7 pm, your Board will have a conference call to
discuss donations, make decisions, reviewing advertising and conduct all business so
as to sustain the organization.  Any Member is welcomed to join.  Rose will send
Financial Statements to all Board Members prior to call

e. Board Minutes and detailed Financials will be put on our website.  The Financials
will reside under a newly created Tab titled Monthly Financials.  This will provide our
Members with full disclosure and view on where the money is being spent

f. The NHS website, Facebook page and PO Box will remain up and running and
current on fees required to sustain

g. Membership dues to will be reduced to $15 for renewals and $20 for new
members.  This money will be solely used in support of Nokesville Ring and its
surrounding trails.  Kari to update and distribute updated Membership document

h. The NHS website and Facebook page will offer reduced rate advertising at $25
for a 30-day cycle.  For groups wishing to advertise and who are willing to offer NHS
members a discount, advertising will be free.

i. NHS Show Trailer:  Board Members will pick a day in spring for a full cleaning
and inventory.  The intent is to sell all contents and the trailer in 2018
notwithstanding a new incoming Board

j. NHS will “sponsor” and advertise events at the Nokesville Ring only if the
proposing individual or group is fully staffed with volunteers, equipment and all setup

k. NHS will remain in partnership with Joe London Training.  We will advertise their
events and NHS Members will receive a discount for events they attend