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General Membership Meeting
Wednesday, August 13th
 Chuckwagon Restaurant
Fitzwater Dr, Nokesville, VA
Speaker: Bryan Hogan
              Hogan Horse Transport

Bryan will be telling us about the horse transport business.  These days
many horse are purchased from distances far from home, or folks find
themselves faced with a cross country move and need to know how to get
their beloved and valuable horses to their new home safely, on time, and
with as little stress as possible (for both horse and human).

Hogan Horse Transport has been in business in Warrenton since 2006, and
Bryan will be coming to give us the information we might need in the
future to make a good shipping decision, and to answer any questions about
transport that you just might have always wondered about.  Also if you are
planning on long distance transport, what you should do to make sure your
horse is ready, what to send with him, how he should be marked, etc.

I see posts on FB all the time asking about this situation, and we look
forward to welcoming Bryan to our August meeting:)

7:00 dinner/social time
7:30 general meeting (follow up on Obstacle clinic, etc)
8:00-9:00 speaker

 Please remember, if you find value in our club, it's time to please step
 forward to serve on the next year's Board. Our current Board has been
 serving for 3 years and the entire Board is stepping down after this if you would like to see our beloved Nokesville Horse Society
 continue into 2015, please contact Kelli or any of the current Board members.

Obstacle Clinic - Sunday, Sept 14th - Nokesville Park

Obstacle Clinics are an excellent opportunity to improve the communication level and partnership between you and your horse. We hear it all the time but it’s so true…communication and partnership is the key to any successful horse/rider team. If you don’t have these two key elements, then the pieces of the puzzle and the goals that you have set may never be fully achieved. Doing obstacles successfully teaches communication and partnership. Hosted/Instructed by Erika Andrews and Tickle Me Elmo and Kari Boberek and Apache’s Uprising, sponsored by NHS.

Click here for registration forms!

New Board Needed for 2015

NHS is looking for new board members (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer) as well as a Director of Events to coordinate monthly membership meetings and English and Western horse show managers. In order for the club to continue, a minimum 4 board members (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer) are urgently needed.

Please consider joining the board for 2015. All are welcome to come to monthly board meetings that occur the first Wednesday of every month at 7pm at Carini's in Nokesville to learn the ropes or see what it's all about. Please contact any of the current board members with any questions you might have.

It's Show Season!
English Shows - The next English show is Saturday, September 6th at Nokesville Park.

Western shows - The next Western show is Saturday September 27th at Nokesville Park. Hope to see you there! 

      To Qualify for Western Year End Awards - attend 4 shows

  To Qualify for English Year End Awards - attend 3 shows

 For both you must volunteer 8 hours - see your show manager for more information

Trail Rides!

We would like to thank Felesha Mannino for stepping up as our new Trail Ride Coordinator! She will be hosting the August ride on the 24th at the Battlefield. Ride time will be 10am, parking down the road from Cracker Barrel. Please see the trail ride page for more detail.

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