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The NHS participates in many local and regional parades throughout the area
depending on the interest of the membership.  Parades that the NHS may
participate in include:

Manassas St. Patrick's Day Parade
Nokesville Day Parade
Fairfax July 4th Parade
Haymarket Day Parade
Vienna Halloween Parade
Manassas Christmas Day Parade
Nokesville Christmas Day Parade

2017 Parade Directors:
Marian Cloud at nokesvillecloud900@gmail.com

Rose Murphy at neonboots@yahoo.com
You need to ensure that you and your horse are ready to participate in a parade.  We recommend that
if you are not truly confident that your horse is "bomb proof" that you attend a clinic.  Even the most
well-mannered horse can lose his composure at a parade.  You and your horse need to be prepared for:

standing quietly for extended times
large crowds
people rushing and running across the street/parade route
bicycles weaving around the parade route/participants
funny cars/carts (Shriners mini cars)
people throwing objects, batons, candies, balls
other horses with strange costumes (horses with hats on, horses with fake antlers, etc.
participating in the parade with other horses pulling carts
extremely loud noises
marching bands
fire truck sirens
loud music
And ... Clowns, clowns, clowns!
For additional information regarding the Nokesville Horse Society,
please contact: Patty Lugiano at 703-623-7491
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NHS recommends that you attend the NHS Obstacle Clinics to assist in preparing with the Parades.  Our Clinics are geared to promote trust and partnership between horse and horse as well as introducing your horse to unfamiliar and often scary obstacles.